When it comes to creating a show-stopping aesthetic to your luxury home, it’s all about planning ahead.

Combining carefully curated backdrops with tasteful colour schemes and statement pieces of furniture to finish is a recipe for success – all rounded off with a chic accent or two here and there for maximum visual impact.

Gone are the days when matching suites were the look-du-jour, today’s home aesthetic is all about individuality. Furniture doesn’t just have to be functional, in fact, it can be a work of art in itself. So, if you’re a fan of quirky character and contemporary design, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s the new way to do luxury.

Hunting for one-of-a-kind pieces is all part of the fun when it comes to kitting out your newly made-over living room, bedroom or hallway. In fact, whichever room in the house it is, it’s the finishing touches that create the real appeal, so don’t settle for anything less than fabulous.

One start-up that has been leading the way in innovative furniture design this year is Kasadamo, an innovative company that aims to be a leader in high-end furniture collection. But we’re not talking about just any furniture here, as Kasadamo’s unique offerings are made in collaboration with contemporary and pop-art artists.

The result? Stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces that will add character and personality to your home, all whilst injecting that welcome air of opulence.

The brand’s revolutionary means of creating art is paving the way for a completely new approach to breathing life into interior projects. Focusing on providing unparalleled pieces of art and unique designs, all created with the finest materials and techniques, it’s little wonder it has been making such waves in the industry since its inception.

Dedicated to putting visions, artists and outstanding craftspeople together, it’s proof, if you needed it, that creative ideas like these needn’t simply remain in your imagination.

“We have noticed that the furniture sector is too passive compared to other fields, which tend to evolve and become digital,” says Deborah Nardo, who, alongside Vincent Mazenauer, is one of the company’s two co-founders and CEOs.

“It was from there that we conceptualised this company to bring something new. We believe that pieces of furniture are the perfect element for artists to express themselves in an innovative and revolutionary way.”

“Luxury furniture will be the new canvas of our artists, to create unique masterpieces that evoke beauty and freedom. We offer unique luxury furniture collections and art, imagined by Kasadamo, to make people’s interiors outstanding.”

If you’re someone who is used to hanging art on the walls, then it might be time to take a more open-minded approach. Bringing your home firmly up-to-date in the most stylishly opulent of ways, Kasadamo’s offering span from stunning sofas, chaise longues and armchairs in a thoroughly modern colour palette, each pushing the boundaries of traditional shape and style to create both a focal point and a talking point for your home. Paired with some of its ornate sculptured accessories and ornaments, any of which would breathe life into your coffee table, sideboard or any other surface, it’s a recipe for perfection, and the sumptuous fabrics and glittering materials used exude all-out glamour and sophistication.

It’s not just a case of ordering from the pre-existing ranges, either, as Kasadamo’s expert team are on hand to bring your own artistic visions to life. Its talented created artists can create beautiful bespoke pieces tailored to your own desires, needs and tastes, ensuring an entirely unique piece you will never see in anyone else’s home.

“Nowadays, humans are too often treated as objects, whether at the customer level or at the employee level. Therefore, Kasadamo pays special attention to ensure that every person who comes into contact with the brand will have a memorable experience,” says Deborah.

It’s not just about the customer, as a company, Kasadamo takes its employees’ job satisfaction very seriously, too.

Deborah explains: “Kasadamo’s innovative approach to interior design aspires to cultivate a philosophy where leaders are mentors who empower others, where people feel truly valued and sincerely supported at work. One of the brand’s biggest causes is to see Kasadamo ambassadors across the world, enjoying a fulfilling and rewarding career by being part of a community that drives and motivates them.”

The brand has a strong ecological conscience, too. Seeking to offset 100% of the CO2 emissions from its activities using the well-known method of tree planting, it is committed to donating funds for the plantation of five trees for each product sold. A counter is updated regularly to show the total number of trees that Kasadamo has replanted, and so far, so good.

So, if you’re looking to invest in a show-stopping piece of furniture that will transform your home and gain value over time – safe in the knowledge that your purchase will contribute to a happier workforce and give back to the environment, then look no further.

Kasadamo: Where art and furniture become one